Toolkit basic 25 General Information

Is a computer forensics distribution that installs all necessary tools on Ubuntu to perform a detailed digital forensic and incident response examination.



google search.



Little Story Boy basic 25 Digital Forensics


extract LSB data


you can use zsteg.



Light easy 50 Digital Forensics

Just get the flag

file : light


tool name : HxD

This file has png header signature. Therefore It is PNG file, and it has also png footer signature.



tool name : HxD

After PNG footer signature, there are some binary strings.

I could guess that binary is ascii code, because it starts 01~~.







Meta Header easy 50 Digital Forensics

Can You help us to extract the metal from Exchangeable header


file : metal.jpg


image description is strange.








volatility easy 50 Digital Forensics

welcome to volatility 101, you have to know when you start analyzing a memory dump you have to look to processes and files on desktop.

profile = WinXPSP2x86




프로세스 특이사항은 이정도.






나오는게 없다. R-studio로 분석해봐야 할 거 같다.



another memdumpfile in Desktop dir.


There are 3 files which has 0 byte size in flag dir.

The file name seems like 'key'.


compare with look_to_clipboard.txt and filename.

k.08462 -> 20

e.22743 -> 8

y.08981 -> 40



이 다음은 mem을 추출해봐야 할거 같다.




아 easy 맞냐고


Dega hard 200 Digital Forensics

Dega Company has been attacked and some data have been exfiltrated, Help them to know what exactly has been leaked.



base64로 인코딩된 문자열이 많던데


last human hard 200 Digital Forensics

This Stream is so weird, looking something hidden here!!


sonic visualizer - failed

audio lsb - failed





'Last human' writeup CyberTalents DF CTF - 0xMohammed

Description This Stream is so weird, looking something hidden here!! Diffculity: Hard Walkthrough Challange is a wave file with high pitched noise, After examining file with usual tools (binwalk, exiftool, strings,..etc) we found nothing so we should dig d





Xmen medium 100 Digital Forensics

cyber Criminal is hiding information in the below file .can you capture the flag ?. Note: Flag format flag{XXXXXXX}



00000000: 504b 0304 0a00 0900 0000 e52b 944d d66f PK.........+.M.o

00000010: ef86 2300 0000 1700 0000 0a00 1c00 7365 ..#...........se

00000020: 6372 6574 2e74 7874 5554 0900 036d 6f1b cret.txtUT...mo.

00000030: 5c6d 6f1b 5c75 780b 0001 0400 0000 0004 \mo.\ux.........

00000040: 0000 0000 89ed 4cbb 8ba3 91b4 8e10 d9e5 ......L.........

00000050: ab2e 196e 20f4 37df fbe5 096c ed4e 8d0a ...n .7....l.N..

00000060: e056 e98c 26b1 a450 4b07 08d6 6fef 8623 .V..&..PK...o..#

00000070: 0000 0017 0000 0050 4b01 021e 030a 0009 .......PK.......

00000080: 0000 00e5 2b94 4dd6 6fef 8623 0000 0017 ....+.M.o..#....

00000090: 0000 000a 0018 0000 0000 0001 0000 00a4 ................

000000a0: 8100 0000 0073 6563 7265 742e 7478 7455 .....secret.txtU

000000b0: 5405 0003 6d6f 1b5c 7578 0b00 0104 0000 T...mo.\ux......

000000c0: 0000 0400 0000 0050 4b05 0600 0000 0001 .......PK.......

000000d0: 0001 0050 0000 0077 0000 0000 00 ...P...w.....

xxd -r garbage garbage.zip


password brute-force 1to5 char - failed

lock bit change - failed



----풀이보고 내용추가----

dictionary attack으로 패스워드는 hacker_crackdown가 됨.;;


Habibamod  medium 100 Digital Forensics

Habibamod is sending a secret signal, tune your receiver.



It's simple.



Value of encoder is encoded in base64.


0 to . , 1 to !

To decode it: . to 0, ! to 1.


Bin to ascii




Location medium 100 Digital Forensics

vcan0  06C   [8]  88 E6 0A 3D EC DC 50 2A


Bomp medium 100 Digital Forensics

Why dosen't my BOMP Explode!!
Format: Flag{}


b0mp 파일이 주어진다.


first 2 bytes are empty, but next 4 bytes seems like file size.

0xcdbe = 52670 =

so this is bmp file. b0mp에서 0을 빼면 bmp이기도 하다.


put 0x42 0x4D (bmp magic number) into first 2 bytes.



another bits are also empty.


ㅎㅎ 모르겠다.



----풀이보고 내용추가----

b0mp의 파일명을 b0mp.data로 바꾸고 GIMP에 불러온 뒤에, 오프셋, 너비, 높이를 아래와 같이 조절하면 플래그를 확인할 수 있다.


P@dly medium 100 Digital Forensics

Someone outside the department has downloaded some files from our server but fortunately we encrypt all the files. Can you get this files?

note.epd and readme.txt were transferred.

pub is directory.



note.epd is encrypted file.


How to decrypt note.epd.


xor 0~0xff - failed


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